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The Peaks at Eagle Ridge is one of Fort McMurray's premium condominium property's consisting of four buildings with 403 units, and where approximately 1000 people make their homes. Located in beautiful Eagle Ridge this community boasts many ponds, greenbelts and forrested areas.  The Northern Lights shine brightly over the area and are visible right from your balcony.  This little community is composed of people originating from all over the world.  We are proud of our home and diversity in culture.  


Property Manager

Amanda Loveless , ARM, CPM Candidate



Telephone:  780-743-9676

Email:  peaks.office@gmail.com

For details on how to find us please click  here



The Peaks Condo Manager & Residents Interview with Shaw TV - After the 2016 Wildfires



Things You Need to Know

  • Pre authorized debit (PAD) is the easiest way for you to ensure your Condominium Fees are withdrawn in a timely manner -- even if you forget!  Please find the printable PAD attached Pre Authorized Debit
  • We have a mandatory pet DNA program called PooPrints, please contact the office at peaks.office@gmail.com for more information and to set up your appointment today!  The program costs $75.00 per pet payable by the owner at the time of the appointment.  

  • If you are away from The Peaks for an extended period, you must provide emergency contact information to the office.  Have someone check your unit regularly to ensure your drain traps remain full of water by running water and flushing toilets. 

  • Please be considerate of your lower neighbors and be sure that your plants sit in a tray to prevent water from spilling over. 

  • Mats outside your door, in the hallway are a safety hazard and mats on the balcony can deteriorate the concrete and are not allowed under the bylaws.  

  • Be sure to pick up after your pet -- use the area designated area for dogs to walk your dog and clean up after them.   

  • If you require your intercom to be programmed, please contact the office with a local phone number.  The intercom will not accept long distance phone numbers.


Questions about Condo Living? 

Drop your questions into the Internal Mail Boxes located at the Canada Post area in the Main Lobby or email us through the office at peaks.office@gmail.com







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