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 **Please make sure ahead of time where you park! For example if you live in Building A you may park under B, if you live in B you may park under C**

Your vehicle must be removed from the parkade prior to 8:00am and can return after 5:00pm on the scheduled day.

This schedule will repeat for all parkade cleanings as we are now doing all scrubs. Bldg B & C, P1 ONLY on the first day with Bldg A&D and P2 for the second day.

Visitors parking will be available at The Peaks the nights prior and the days of the cleaning. Visitor passes will be issued for those travelling as long as proof of travel is provided. There are no reserved spots in visitors for the cleaning, so it is first come first serve for the passes that are issued.

 Any vehicles remaining in the parkade without prior written Board approval will be issued a Municipal Ticket and towed at the owners expense!!

Advise the office prior to your travel that you will not be here so as not to be ticketed in your absence. As always proof of travel will be required to obtain Board approval and to aviod ticketing.

Parking at The Summits is not permitted for residents of The Peaks at any time.

Alberta Sweeprite or CC#072 8880 will NOT be liable for damages to storage locker items or vehicles that were not removed from the parkade for the cleaning!Thanks for your cooperation and if you have any questions please contact the office.                 


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